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Snow White Disneybounding

Since the parks don't allow cosplay, we Disneybound by creating outfits inspired by Disney characters. No need for ball gowns with poofy shoulders. You can actually Disneybound right out of your closet. The idea of Disneybounding is capturing the look of the character, mainly their color scheme and making it your own. So, let's throw together some easy Snow White inspired outfits.

Start with some bottoms

Don't forget you'll be running around the parks so make sure that your comfortable on top of being cute! 


Then find a blue top

You can keep the top simple or maybe one with some apples on them. 

Dresses are super cute too


Something is still missing...


OMG Shoes

Maybe we can throw in some comfy red slip on's. Yeah they are not the most delicate of shoes but you don't want to be in pain halfway down Main Street. Or if you're feeling daring, or have dinner reservations, try some lovely red pumps.


Now we need something to carry our phone and things in.

I swear fanny packs are coming back. Or how about something funky like an apple shaped purse.


And for the icing...

An apple necklace always does it for me but this outfit isn't complete without the bow!




We would love to see what creative outfit you put together! Share your Snow White Disneybounding outfit with us using #PassholderMagicBounding 

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